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::September Book Poll::

120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade

You can obtain an etext version of the book here: http://www.supervert.com/elibrary/sade.html

"In the opening pages of this rough draft of a "novel" titled "The 120 Days of Sodom", which was long believed to be lost and was re-discovered and first printed in 1904, more than a hundred years after it was written, the Marquis de Sade prepares the reader for what he claims is the most impure tale ever told. He was not far from the truth. This is less a novel and more a catalogue of every imaginable unusual sexual act that the very most extremely perverted imagination could ever think up. I really can't think of anything to add to Sade's long list of sexual possibilities. He covers it all.

The story begins with four, let us politely say "sexual adventurers" (many would say sexual criminals) who kidnap a bunch of women and whisk them off to a very, very secluded castle or mansion, where in four months every sexual proclivity is indulged in between nihilistic philosophical dialogues.

Sade advocated the removal of all social, moral, and sexual rules, and this book is his most fervent fantasy of that ideal. Trained psychologists and laymen alike will find it a fascinating look into the mind of sexual extremism."

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

"Illuminating societal enigmas with clarion voice, Adolf Hitler's ideologies are premised upon Nature. From this simplicity to the social complexities, he woos us from the cosmopolitan to the Arcadian. With volcanic drama, with delicate subtitles, he word-paints the "ice cold facts" of life. He clearly teaches the significance, the social necessity of homogenous culture. Mein Kampf is a philosophic tour de force of intellectuality. Hitler was a thinker-a clear thinker. He was an altogether different man from the one portrayed to us by modern media . . . he never suggested the harming of the handicapped, Gypsies or Jews in Mein Kampf, or in any of his writings. Had he done so, I would have quickly thrown the book in the rubbish and, to be sure, never written this review."

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

"If you've only heard of "Lolita" from its reputation as being "pornographic", you are in for a surprise when you read it. Yes, it involves a lecherous, middle aged man chasing after a 12 year old "nymphet". Yes, it is deeply disturbing and makes one queasy at times. It is also a brilliant, funny, witty, literary rollercoaster which will delight you and dazzle you with the beauty of language. Nabakov can make words jump through hoops you never even knew existed, while he explores the dark realms of obsession and longing."

Bless Me, Ultima

"The book is about a young Mexican boy, Antonio Marez, growing up in New Mexico during the mid 1940s. It begins when he is six years old, and Ultima, a curandera or healing woman, comes to live with his family because she is getting too old to live by herself. Through Ultima's gentle guidance and support, Antonio faces his uncertainties and learns to go on with life."

Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

"Henry Miller's controversial TROPIC OF CANCER remains today a remarkable book: a stream-of-consciousness autobiographical novel chronicling Miller's own experiences as a poor starving artist in Paris. And though his experiences vary from bouts of drunkenness to nights spent chasing after sex to the occasional insight into life in general, his prose veers from the mundane to the poetic, with almost nothing in between. As the Amazon.com editorial review suggests, it truly is a remarkable literary work of self-confession, and Miller's mercurial prose remains amazing to read all the way 'til the end."

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